03rd Dec 2015
Sri Lanka Spicy Food

Tips for travellers in Sri Lanka

The people who have visited Sri Lanka can effectively explain that how beautiful the country is.  The golden beaches, high and misty mountains, rising waves, giant whales, mighty elephants, vast...

18th Nov 2015
travel suitcase

Sure, you love to travel

But is Travel Blogging for You? While there are a few people who would rather stay at home than travel, I think it’s safe to say that most people would...

01st Nov 2015

North America wonders

Store Your Stuff and See the, North America Wonders. When the weather is nice and the summer months are upon us, road trips and travel are on the forefront of our...

13th Dec 2014

Prepare your holidays

Flyers Guide: How to Prepare For Your Holidays. Whether you’re off for a weekend break, visiting friends and family overseas, or your much-anticipated annual holiday is finally coming to fruition,...

15th Oct 2014
travel to bali

Travel to Bali: experience true paradise

Travel to Bali The beautiful Indonesian island of Bali is probably one of the nearest places to paradise on earth. It sounds like a cliché, but when the bare facts...

14th Aug 2014

Visit Hong Kong

  Where is Hong Kong? Positioned at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta on the coast of southern China. Hong Kong’s geographical position as a gateway between the East and...

10th Jul 2014
Riding on Zephyr Road on the Munda Biddi Trail. Mountain bike tour on the Munda Biddi Trail start in Mundaring finish in Collie, Western Australia.
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19-26 Nov. 2011
Photo by Bill Hatcher ©2011

Bike Trails Australia

The Best Aussie Bike Trails Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced road or mountain cyclist, there is a stunning array of bike trails Australia available throughout Australia for...

13th Apr 2014
guimar volcano

Volcanic landscapes in Tenerife.

Thousands of years of volcanic history. The volcanic landscapes of Tenerife Güimar. Canary Islands. Reserve Badlands (malpais) of Güímar is one of the best examples of recent volcanic landscape of...

05th Mar 2014

Hitchhiking in Patagonia (2)

Return to Los Andes. Now back to the West. We again cross the plateau but this time already in the province of Santa Cruz. The section from Pico Truncado to Perito...

15th Feb 2014
hitchhiker patagonia

Hitchhiking in Patagonia

Patagonia is greater say word, a symbol for travelers worldwide. Who has not ever thought of traveling around the vast Patagonia? I think all we have done and some were...